Welcome to The Vocaloid Song List Head Quarters!

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VocaList is a collaborative effort at listing VOCALOID songs. All submissions are accepted as long as these guidelines are followed:

1. ) A VOCALOID MUST BE SINGING. That means NO MikuMikuDance only videos, or animations unless an actual, official VOCALOID is singing. The only exceptions to this are Try to Sing and Try to Play songs, which both have their own appropriate list.

2. ) NO UTAUS, PLEASE. Sorry guys, but we don't allow UTAU only songs here. UTAU songs covered by VOCALOIDs are a-okay. VOCALOIDs singing alongside UTAUS are also fine, but a VOCALOID must be present!

3. ) NO FANMADE VOCALOIDS or SONG PITCH CHANGES. An example of this could be Yowane Haku's Toeto to Megurine Luka's Toeto. We only accept fanmade vocaloid songs if the voicebank has been directly altered. No song pitch changes ( in Audacity of any other audio program ) like so many of the Haku, Neru, and Mikuo songs out there.

Rules are subject to change, so be sure to check regularly!

Latest activityEdit

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